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Invention Disclosure

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An Invention Disclosure should include the following: :
  1. Title of the Invention
  2. Inventor: Name, Address, Phone Number
  3. Circumstances and Date of Conception (when and how did you think of the invention?)
  4. Description of the Invention
    (Note: In this section it is very important that you point out all the details of the invention which make it novel, useful, and better than the prior art. Even small details are important. Please donít leave anything out. Oftentimes it is the small details of the invention which result in a patent.)
    • Purpose (What is the invention used for?)
    • Drawings (drawings, sketches, or photos of the invention with parts labeled)
    • Description of the Parts (Describe the invention using the drawings to point out each of the inventionís parts)
    • Use (How is the invention used?)
    • Novel Features (What features of the invention are different from the prior art? How do these features provide superior results?)
    • Advantages (What advantages does the invention have over the prior art?)
  5. Testing Results (if applicable, what were the results of testing the invention?)

Click Here to see a sample Invention Disclosure.

Depending upon the complexity of the invention, The Invention Disclosure will usually range from two to ten pages in length. The Invention Disclosure should be signed and dated by you, and also by two trustworthy friends (not family) under the words 'Witnessed and Understood'. It is also a good idea for you and the witnesses to initial every page. The Invention Disclosure should be kept in a safe place in the event the need to prove the date of conception ever arises.

The Invention Disclosure is also useful if you subsequently wish to perform a patent search

Invention Disclosure
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