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To start the patent process you should do the following:

1. The first step is to prepare an Invention Disclosure. Click on Invention Disclosure and follow the instructions. The Invention Disclosure does three things:
  • it serves as proof that you are the inventor
  • it is used by me to counsel you on the invention
  • it can be used as the basis for a patentability search

2. After you prepare the Invention Disclosure, call me and we can discuss the next step. This usually consists of having me review the Invention Disclosure.

Please understand that I am bound by federal code to keep your invention confidential. However, if you desire, I will be happy to also provide a Confidentiality Statement. To do so, all I need is your full name, mailing address, and the title of the invention.

Finally, please call me if you have any questions about the Invention Disclosure or about the patent application process.

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