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5. How much does it cost to obtain a patent?

Do not be mislead, patents are not cheap! The PTO has established the following patent filing fees for electronically filed utility patent applications:
    Small Entity: $730 for applicants who have not assigned rights in their invention to an entity which has over 500 employees.
    Micro Entity: $400 for applicants (1) in the preceding calendar year had a gross income which was less than $155,817, (2) who have previously filed four or less patent applications, and (3) who have not assigned or are not obligated to assign rights in the invention to a non-qualifying entity.

If a utulity patent is allowed, there is then an issue fee of $480 (small entity), $240 (micro entity). Also, commencing three and one half years after issue, the patent owner must pay three periodic maintenance fees.

For design patents the application fee is $380 (small entity), $190 (micro entity), the issue fee is $280 (small entity) and $140 (micro entity), and there is no maintenance fee.

The PTO fees listed above are from time-to-time adjusted upward for inflation.

The PTO fees are in addition to the fees charged by the patent attorney or agent for the preparation of the application, associated drawings, and amendments if required. Patent attorneys typically charge more for their services than do patent agents. Additionally, if the applicant desires a patent search (usually recommended) may be performed prior to application preparation and submission. The search cost can be as low as $600, but may be higher depending upon the type and complexity of the invention.

patent agent, patent application
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